To continue the past is to ignore the changing reality of the present. Knowledge has changed the human environment posing unprecedented challenges like global warming. A repetition of the 20th century with the knowledge of the 21st century will be an economic, ecological, and humanitarian disaster.

To continue the future is to recognize the talent and commitment of both individuals and organizations across the globe working to make this necessary change a reality. What is lacking is a context for this change that defines the 21st century as the golden age of humankind.

Think of human history as being like a seed planted thousands of years ago setting down roots and growing through darkness toward the light of the sun. And today is the day history breaks the surface emerging from darkness into light. Let the past be the roots of experience but the present be a blossom in the sun ready to open.

These videos offer a perspective to give context to the 21st century.


Imagine human history as one human being named Adam. Well, Adam died in the World Wars of the 20th Century. And now the ghost of Adam haunts the world. What breaks the spell cast by the Ghost of Adam?

Throughout human history each civilization marks the presence of some advanced knowledge. But taking in the panoramic view of human history, the knowledge of the 21st century stands out as unprecedented. What does that mean?

Perhaps no single object symbolizes the power of 21st century knowledge than a smart phone. Anyone with a smart phone can almost literally hold the world in the palm of their hand.

We are the first generations in human history to never know a time without television. Television has now evolved into a social media network peering deep into the human soul making this moment a time like no other.

Today’s knowledge begins at an unseen presence of sub-atomic particles. Question is, what quality of an atom can observe other atoms and create a body of scientific knowledge at a sub-atomic depth? Could a library symbolize the universe as a relationship of mass to consciousness?

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